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Reviewing and Revising

We do our best thinking by writing on big sheets of paper and sticking them to the wall!

Due to the absence of most team members last meeting, we reviewed everything we did and came up with even more possible attachments we can use to get the robot across the board with the maximum amount of points. We also made a rough sketch of the different runs our robot will perform throuought the coarse. The biggest thing we did was probably coming up with a project to do.

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Posted by on September 21, 2011 in Brainstorming


We Have a Time-Line

The left column are tasks for the robot. The right column are tasks for the project. The center is divided by weeks. The red thermometer hash marks indicate how much we have done.....

Today we spentĀ an entire meeting prioritizing tasks for our schedule. We have two schedules; one for robot and one for project. We want to have our project done by week 9. The robot tasks will be integrated together.

We also started our brainstorming for project ideas. We want to try out 3-4 on each other, and then pick the finalist from there. This should be done next week. Here are Ashley and Julia brainstorming.

Sorry, but we can't show you our ideas just yet.... stay tuned


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Posted by on September 3, 2011 in Brainstorming, Project, Schedule

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