What the experts are saying about Omni Label

What Industry Experts are saying about the Omni Label…..

These are real quotes from real industry experts that we have collected!

I am very genuine in suggesting the team explore the potential of a patent.”   

There could be tremendous applicability in connection with the current push to provide customers with quick access to key nutritional information.”

The depth of [the team’s] research was truly on par with what I expect from college students we hire as interns.”

Senior Director of Environmental, Safety, and Food Safety
Big Grocery Store

I like how the label changes dynamically, as information is added to the database.”

Manager, Emerging Technology Center, Big Grocery Store

We all were struck especially by the intelligence, maturity, and poise of [the team].”

Vice President of Risk Management,
Big Grocery Store

It would be a great idea to have a scanner in every aisle, and at the check-out.”

Store Manager
Big Grocery Store

Having this functionality on a cell phone would be a huge leap in technology in this industry.”

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Atlanta, Georgia

What could possibly go wrong?”

Batteries Not Included!
Hopeful FLL Team
, Murrysville Pennsylvania


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