Omni Label Press Release

Official Omni Label   Press Release

FLL Team “Batteries Not Included!” invent innovative dynamic food label for customized label interpretation and faster turnaround time for product recalls.

December 3, 2011

* * *

Omni (n) 1. All; of all things 2. In all ways or places 3. being the greatest or best.

Omni Label; the new dynamic food label solution that allows users to check and track food ingredients, percent daily values, calorie intake, allergens, recalls, expiration dates, and other related items. It is attractive to potential companies, saving them money by allowing easier recalls, tracking of shelf life and inventory, and allowing them to update labels at any time to fix a typo or misprint. Omni Label utilizes the Quick Response  (QR) code technology on a consumer or potential consumer’s smart phone or device. The official Omni-Label Application (available on all major App stores and markets) allows the code to be scanned and show updates as they are made. The App also alerts users if they purchase a scanned product that has been recalled or expired even after they leave the store. If an item is recalled before a consumer buys it, then the label will be changed in the database and that information will be immediately available to consumers. The Omni Label makes labels easy to read and interpret to your preferences and needs. Omni Label makes food safer by calling attention to any undeclared allergens in the product.   #



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