Software Documentation

01 Dec

Have you thought about documenting your software? Are you even doing it?!? You use the  NXT comments capability, which looks like a little thought bubble.  Write yourself notes to remind yourself what your code does, which way is forward (up or down), and helps you to make changes later. Also, it helps the judges read your code.

Well, here are some of our “Documentation Standards” that we use for EVERY piece of software we use.

Here are the things we think are important to note: Run number, Filename, Myblocks used, Robot Start Position, Assumptions, Sensor requirements, robot end position, and attachments needed. Below is an example:

  • Filename:  “2 Corn”
  • Run: 2
  • Mission: Corn harvestor,  yellow ball,  pink bacteria, yellow truck
  • Start Position:Base. Facing east. Aligned in corner near bacteria
  • Assumptions: Raise and unlock bar attached to B motor
  • Uses Myblocks:  “CMtoDEG” for converting centimeter distances into rotational degrees
  • Sensor requirements: Touch, light
  • End Position: Base
  • Attachments needed: Folding truck pusher, corn catching tray, bacteria dropping arm

If you follow all these documentation tips, you will be sure to succeed in the software department.

Happy Documenting!


Kevin F.

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