Drop-on, Drop-off Attachments

30 Nov

It is really important to be have really modular attachments, and to be able to change them very fast on competition day. To help with the problem of slow transitions between different runs, we have created
what we call “drop-on attachments”. They are simply attachments that hook on to the bottom of the
robot. When the robot moves forward, it either pushes or pulls the attachment in that direction.
This way, all we have to do to change the attachments between runs is to lift the entire robot
up, sweep the old attachments out of the way, and set the robot back on the new attachments.
Since there is very little attaching to do during the transitions, it gives us more time to go around
the board and complete missions, earning us more points!

You can see this in action at our Facebook page, where we have a few videos of the reliably working robot runs.

Thanks to Julia for drawing this picture for our "inconspicuous green binder"!

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Posted by on November 30, 2011 in Hardware design


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