Field Trip!

10 Nov

The manager at our local supermarket told us about……

• Recall notification is fast. Corporate emails management at each store and product is immediately pulled from the shelf. It is tracked with a special scanning code so that all product is accounted for. It is also “blocked” at the register, so someone cannot inadvertently buy it.
• Recalled product is destroyed. The retail store is reimbursed from the manufacturer. If the supermarket created the product (e.g. bakery cookies) then they lose money.
• If someone returns a product because they found a foreign object in it, it is held at the office until a manufacturer’s representative can investigate it.

She showed us a cool $5000 scanning “gun” that has the special “blocked” code for keeping track of recalled product. Here is a photo of Nate with it.

She agreed with us that if food labels were dynamic, information about mislabeled food would get to the consumer faster.


-Julia N.


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