QR Codes

01 Nov

Conlon here. As a bit of an explanation of some of the tech we throw around the site, we wanted to add this blurb talking a bit about QR codes. (Thanks to Ashley for writing this!) As always, leave a comment with a question and we’ll get back to you.

 QR codes, short for “quick response codes”, carry information in the vertical direction and the horizontal direction, allowing them to carry much more data than the ordinary bar codes. QR codes are capable of storing texts, URLs, email addresses, coupons, and other useful information in a very small area. Also, they can be read by a QR code scanner app. They are being used in a wide variety of applications, such as manufacturing, logistics, and sales applications. QR codes are also used in common everyday uses, such as paperback spines, rental video cases, sushi plates, product packaging, magazine articles, ads and many more things!

We think QR codes are pretty cool, and are incorporating them into our food safety solution. There are many tools available to create them. We use to create codes, and Photoshop Elements to add fun graphics to them. We have an assortment of QR code scanners downloaded to our iPods and Smartphones and have fun testing them out. We are even putting a QR code on our T-Shirt! We are ordering them this year from and crossing our fingers that they scan. I honestly don’t think we will have a problem, but you never know.

And here someone on our team will jump out and say the single most overused line this season. “What could possibly go wrong?” I’m sick of how true it is.

Working through some software hiccups with our faithful NXT. Our secondary robot died, so we’re looking for a suitable replacement.

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